Ready to transform your body from the inside out? 


The cleanse I completed is a 9 day deep cleanse and fat burning pak from Isagenix – I had been looking for a convenient, well trusted and effective cleanse to release toxins and hopefully shed a few extra annoying pounds in the process.   I tried one on my own but the cooking demands, prep and random supplements made it overwhelming so I was done after a couple of days.  I still loved the idea of cleansing and the way I started feeling so I began looking for something better. 

A fellow respected Zumba instructor who has been in the health and wellness industry for 20 something years saw my post and shared her experiences with Isagenix.  After I saw what it did for her and many of her students I was impressed!  I wanted something to help me get rid of toxins in my body, maintain my energy levels naturally and feel healthy overall.  I may have been a healthy weight before the cleanse, but I haven’t quite felt myself after giving birth.  It was probably from lack of nutrients, convenience foods, no sleep, etc!  Stress does so much damage to the body and I knew that I needed to release the toxins I had built up and replenish my body with high quality nutrients.

I also wanted to be able to bring it to many of my Zumba ladies who have felt the same frustrations as me.  I eat fairly healthy and work out 5 times a week.  Why should I still be holding onto the extra pounds?  Once I learned that many people hold onto extra weight until they have flushed the toxins from their cells, it made sense.  Now I realize the importance of cleasning to eliminate toxins, prevent illness and diseases and maintain overall good health.  With the total body cleanse you also replenish your cells with high quality, nutrient dense super foods.  These products make it easy and affordable to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Are you ready to begin your transformation?   To check out the 9 day pak click here! 


Your health is true wealth! 

I have dropped 10 pounds and my energy levels are soaring...without coffee!  My energy alone convinced my skeptical husband, Jeff, to try it.  He also dropped 10 pounds and couldn’t believe how amazing it made him feel as well!